How to bid?

What do I need to know before bidding at an auction?



Create a free account as a company or individual in order to gain access to our exclusive list of properties.


The small print you need to read

We strongly advise prospective bidders to read carefully the terms and conditions, privacy policy and sales purchase agreement and give their consent in order to be able to proceed


Verify your ID and address details

We require a copy of your identification document (passport or ID), proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) and a selfie showing your full face for KYC purposes.



Your verification documents will be reviewed by our team within two working days. You will receive an email confirmation once you are fully registered.



Viewing information is available at each auction page. Depending on the property, viewings are either:

  • Open Viewings - A property will be open for internal viewings at specified dates and times which you will find under each auction page.
  • Internal Viewings by Appointment Only - Where this is specified then internal viewings may be available by appointment.

Bidder Deposit

We will require a refundable bidder deposit to participate in an auction.


Bidder Notifications

In addition to the bidding information on the bidding window, you will receive email notifications each time you bid, informing you if you have met the reserve price and if you are currently the highest bidder. You can edit your notifications settings from your account page.


Legal Documents

As soon as you register at an auction, you will gain access to the auction legal documents. Check the auction site to review all documents available.


Successful Bidder

If you are successful in purchasing a property, you must top up this payment up to the required down-payment. A Delfi Auctions agent will contact you to explain the next steps of the process.

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